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Nick Gregory
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In 2006, Nick and his partner Karin moved to Sweden where Nick has continued to work for select corporate clients in Sweden and the UK and stock agencies based in the UK and New York. At the end of 2006 their daughter Ingrid was born in Helsingborg, Sweden. “ ...and what a model she’s turned out to be , before she was more than a few months old, she had a half-page pic in the Sunday Times.........”

In front of the camera...ish ?

Nick Gregory, photographer, began his career by traveling extensively by bicycle across the world and exploring some of the more out of the way corners of our planet, awheel. “ I just wanted to keep travelling so I started to sell travel articles to magazines, but they wanted great images to go with them. So I learnt to use my old manual camera as it should be used....”

In the days before zoom kits Nick learnt his trade with a manual camera and a 50mm lens. By trial and error on transparency film.

“When I came back I blagged myself a few jobs as a trained photographer and learnt on the job from pros who had been doing their stuff for years, that gave me good blend of different skills and styles to call on to....”

Finally Nick started working for newpapers and a stint at the daily newspaper in Lincoln, UK led to six years as a staff photographer at the Apex News Agency working on everything from news, features, corporate, sports to adventure travel.

Nick has worked for clients ranging from

    The Times (UK)                     The Guardian

    The Economist                        Time Magazine

    Hello !                                        The Eden Project

     Price Waterhouse Coopers          Ford

     Co-op (UK)                            The Daily Telegraph

    Agence France Presse             Barclays

    The North Face                       Skandia

    Sydsvenskan (Sweden)           Marks & Spencer


    As well as other many other publications and clients.


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